Chris de Souza | President

Chris de Souza

HCS is delighted to have Chris de Souza as its President.

A graduate in music from Bristol University and currently Berkshire-based, Chris is a composer, teacher, music director, broadcaster, opera producer and author. He has presented programmes on BBC radio three and four, and the World Service.

As a composer he has had his own works commissioned and performed by groups such as the BBC Singers, the Joyful Company of Singers, the Cranford and Lymington Choral Societies, and West Berkshire Maestros.

Chris says about HCS:

‘What interests and attracts me about working with Hertford Choral Society is the fact that it is a choir with a long history, established local reputation and a musical director who is passionate – not only about bringing interesting and engaging music programmes to audiences – but also making singing fun and welcoming, and with a commitment to young singers.

All choirs absolutely need a continual evolution of thinking and presentation in the face of great competition.

There is a great need to challenge and interest those with singing experience as well as enthuse a new generation of singers and listeners. I have spent much of my working life grappling with these issues and have written a number of music guides to help encourage interest in this vital area of our lives.

HCS also interests me because it is of a size to maintain a programme of the really big established choral pieces as well as experiment and take some risks with newer and less well-known compositions. Moreover, it is a non-auditioning community choir.

How lovely to be working with a group that is open to all and aims high.’